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Can I continue to use DocuCabinet software after the initial 30-day trial?
Yes, you can still retrieve your archived files or document indexing records and view or edit them, or store new files into the document library, but the records will be set to a maximum of 100 per document library. There is no limit to the number of document libraries you can create.

Does DocuCabinet software need to be registered on a particular computer?

No, starting from version 2, the registration of DocuCabinet software will not be bound to any computer. So if you have a single user license, you can install DocuCabinet on any computer but provided that only one session is active at a time.

How can I make my archived documents to be shared on a network? And how many licenses do I need?
Simply run another copy of DocuCabinet software on the connected computer, and set to point to the location of the shared document library using the URL format. e.g. "\\dell_general_pc\DCabLib".

Each active connection requires one user license. You can buy additional single user licenses as the number of connected computers increase. Or you can buy multiple user licenses to cover the number of anticipated users on a network.

Does DocuCabinet support multi-page scan for scanners without ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)?
Yes, even scanners without ADF can create multi-page scanned images using the Imaging Capture module.

How can I quickly do a scan on both sides of doubled-sided papers?
By using the Imaging Capture module. First, scan all the front side of a stacks of papers (for example, this will get you pages 1, 3, 5, 7, 9). Next turn over and scan all the backsides (this time will get 10, 8, 6, 4, 2). Then click on a function in the Imaging Capture module to quickly re-arrange the scanned pages into correct sequence (that is pages 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10).

Can computer native files like Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), text (.txt) etc. be archived in DocuCabinet?
Yes, starting from DocuCabinet version 2, computer generated native files like Word or Excel, Text, Zip, etc. can be archived into the document library. Non-image type files will be open in their own associated program for viewing or editing.

How PDF files are handled in DocuCabinet?
DocuCabinet can save and view your scanned image in PDF format (as well as Tiff, JPEG, PNG, GIF etc.), but if you have a normal (non-image) PDF file, you can still archive it into DocuCabinet library and retrieve it as normal PDF file launching the Adobe's PDF Reader.

Is Kodak imaging required for DocuCabinet version 2?
No, Kodak Imaging (Imaging for Windows) is not required to view images for DocuCabinet version 2. DocuCabinet v2 has its own built-in Imaging viewer and editor (Imaging Express), which also support Kodak compatible annotations.

But can I still use Kodak Imaging for viewing archived images?
Yes, Kodak Imaging can be found in Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 (but not included in XP). Use the menu Tool | Options | Image Program to set the path to the location of the Kodak Imaging viewer program.

Can I use DocuCabinet version 2 on document libraries created with earlier 1.x version?
Yes, you can still open the 1.x document library for file retrieving or searching. However, if you save new files using DocuCabinet v2 in old document library, then you would not be able to read that particular file back in DocuCabinet v1.

Can I import my Papermaster 98 cabinet files into DocuCabinet library?
Yes, we had customers raised this request, and we made it, and we make it as free Amitriptyline 100 mg cost here.

Papermaster 98 (originally from DocuMagix) was normally sold as bundled software with scanners, there are still many Papermaster 98 users who have accumulated large volume of Papermaster documents and wish to share to others.

How to capture document files from other Windows applications as printed images?
DocuCabinet comes with a virtual printer to allow printable files from other applications to be captured and stored in DocuCabinet's local inbox. The virtual printer appears as "DocuCabinet Inbox" when looking at the list of printers on your computer. You will be able to select this virtual printer from Windows applications (such as Word, Excel, or Internet Explorer etc.) when you are going to print documents or files. The printed image will be captured and stored in the DocuCabinet local inbox folder.

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